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Gem Trails of Arizona
by Mitchell

Third edition of a best-selling guide
covering over 77 collecting sites.
Maps, detailed text and photos lead
the collector to sites as diverse as the
rock and minerals found there. Color
photos highlight specimens from
azurite to wulfenite. Indexed by
location and by mineral.
184 pages.
Gem Trails of Nevada
by Mitchell
Gem Trails of New Mexico
by Mitchell

New Mexico is a rockhound's
paradise - 122,000 sparsely populated
square miles with large amounts of
public land available for collecting.
From micro-mount and gem quality
mineral specimens to fossil pieces
containing life forms that are millions
of years old, there is something of
interest to both the novice and
experienced collector. Contains
informative text and maps for 65
trails and a beautiful color insert
highlighting the variety of minerals
found in New Mexico.
160 pages.

Gem Trails of Oregon
by Mitchell

From agate to zeolite, this completely
revised edition introduces 25 new
locations containing 40 collecting
sites. Detailed maps and text lead
collectors to more than 80 of the best
locations throughout the state. Color
and B/W photos highlight collecting
areas and the specimens found there.
192 pages.
Gem Trails of Southern California
by Mitchell

The definitive guide to over 70 of
the best collecting sites for gems,
minerals and fossils in Southern
California from San Luis Obispo to
San Diego. Detailed maps, text, and
B/W locale photos lead the way
and vivid color photos of specimens
excite the anticipation of great finds.
184 pages.

* These Gem Trail Books are also available for many other U.S. States.

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