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Jewelry How To's

To construct by combining
or assembling diverse parts.

The Basics of Bead Stringing
by Debbie Kanan

A complete illustrated approach
for beginner and advanced designers.
82 pages.
Jewelry Making for Beginners
by Edward J. Soukup

Easy-to-learn method for fabricating
soldered jewelry pieces. All steps are
clearly shown with photos and
detailed text. Scroll wire method.
Illustrated, 48 pages.
How To Make Wire Jewelry
by Jenkins & Thrasher

Step-by-step instructions and
illustrations show how to use
inexpensive tools and supplies to
make pins, pendants, chains, rings,
bracelets, earrings, stickpins
and novelties.
32 pages.

Jewelry Craft Made Easy
by Bernada French

For the hobbyist and professional
who prefer purchasing already
finished gemstones, mountings, and
findings for assembling interesting
jewelry. Detailed instructions and
profuse illustrations cover a wide
variety of jewelry.
72 pages.

How To Repair Jewelry
by Phelps

Detailed step-by-step instructions
by a professional jewelry repairman
show how to fix broken chains, replace
lost parts, rebuild broken prongs,
remove and reset gemstones, size rings
and more. Also explains how to
remodel old pieces.
Illustrated, 30 pages.

Indian Jewelry Making
by Branson

This new edition combines Volume I and II
into a full-color presentation for traditional
Silversmithing methods. Complete with
detailed instructions that includes designs,
tools and techniques.
Spiral-bound, 120 pages

To form liquid, such as metal,
into a particular shape by pouring into a mold.

Practical Casting
by McCreight

Expanded edition of this excellent
textbook about lost wax models,
investing, burnout and many other
procedures. Clear descriptions with
hundreds of drawings
of small scale casting.
321 pages.
The Complete Metalsmith
by McCreight

Tools and techniques for producing
metal jewelry. A best-selling workshop
manual, abundantly illustrated.
190 pages.
Jeweler's Resource:
A Reference of Gems, Metals,
Formulas and Terminology for Jewelers
by Knuth

A unique and practical tool for the
bench jeweler or jewelry student
and the most complete counter
reference available for the retail jeweler.
Easy to follow text and illustrations.
Spiral-bound 112 pages.


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