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Cabochon Cutting
by Jack R. Cox

Illustrations, photos, anddetailed
instructions showhow to cut a
cabochon.Everything to start a
craftsperson on the way to expert
cutting. Answers all the questions
from dopping to setting stones.
64 pages.

Advanced Cabochon Cutting
by Jack R. Cox

Learn how to master special shaped
cabochon cutting, assembled stones,
star stones, and cat's eyes. Special
sections on opal and jade.
64 pages.
The Art of Gem Cutting
by Dr. H.C. Dake
1987 7th Edition

Tells how to buy rough stones,
cut the gems, choose equipment,
and use equipment. It gets the reader
started on the right path and builds
and interest in many phases of the
hobby of gem cutting.
96 pages

Rock Sculpture
by Violet Stage
1988 3rd Printing

How to use Diamond
Abrasives to cut Gemstones

by Arthur L. Riggle
1996 Revised

How to cut cabochons and small
flats using diamond abrasives.
Subjects include trim sawing,
slab sawing, grinding, dopping,
smoothing, polishing, and
equipment. Illustrated in color.
30 pages.


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