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Cabbing Machines &Arbors

We carry various types of Cabbing equipment, from plain arbors to combination units
of all sizes. We do feature a lot of these units in a "BASIC package" selection.
Please ask us about this when you see the * next to the item name.

Prices updated December 21, 2011

This great 6" grinder is thick cast aluminum, 3/4" shaft is drilled and tapped for 1/4-20 spin discs, 3 wheel stations, right side accepts up to 6 X 2 -1/2 expanding drums, brass valves and copper water system ready to hook up to home water pipes, submersible pumps or drip system.

It is mounted on a heavy duty 3/4" board and comes with a 6" cast aluminum polish disc that screws onto the right end.

Pro Grinder :
Complete with motor

Pro Grinder :
Without motor

The MOST popular 6" combination trim saw and grinding unit! You can complete every step - from rough to finished cabochon - with this compact and durable machine!

Includes: 1/3 HP motor, 6" diamond blade, saw table clear plastic hood, rock vise, 100 grit grinding wheel, 6" exact-span sanding drum, 6" polishing head, one each of needed 6" sanding belts (220, 400, 600 grits), AND A BEGINNER'S ACCESSORY KIT which includes: templates, scribe, dop wax, dop sticks, cerium oxide polish, Felt disc-- almost everything you need to get started!


The GCD-1C combines plated diamond wheels for fast shaping and smoothing plus diamond belts mounted on expandable rubber drums. Eliminate the use of messy slurries or greasy compounds. Belts are easy to replace and a money saver in the wallet. Final polishing is done on the cast aluminum polish head.

Included are flexible Moffat lamp and an efficient coolant squirter. This unit has a hinged hood for easy cleanups.


The Max Pro is a complete, ready to use cabochon machine. It includes, a top mounted coolant tank, cast aluminum polish head, 8" X 1 1/2" 100 grit black silicon carbide grinding wheel, EX83 sanding drum with 400 grit silicon carbide belt, removable side enclosures, and a 1/3 hp motor with overload protection.

* Max-Pro 8C

Both of these models include a 6" x .025" x 1/2" Pro Slicer blade, 6" x 1" 100 grit silicon carbide grinding wheel, polishing head, wet/dry 220 grit disc, and felt polishing pad.

Rock Rascal
6" Combination Unit

Model T:
Without motor

Model TM:
Includes motor

This is one of our bare bones arbor units. It is self contained as pans and shield are built in. You can mount up to 6" X 1 1/2" wheels of your choosing.

JB-P Arbor:
Without motor

A heavy duty 8" cast aluminum with 3/4" shaft, sealed rubber mounted ball bearings and plated flanges, complete with 3-step pulley and belt.

NS8-short arm has 2-1/2" shaft extension.

NS8-long arm has 8-1/4" shaft extension.

NS8-Long Arm Arbor

NS8-Short Arm Arbor