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For the faceting fans we feature some of the top line gem cutting equipment as well as the basic supplies you need to keep the stones flowing from your machine. We also have many extras for these units: a variety of dopping arms, dopping wax, transfer jigs, index wheels, books on faceting, and much more. Not all are listed on our site so feel free to call or e-mail us with your questions and requests.


The FACETRON is one of the stable work horses of the faceting world. It is engineered to tolerances so exacting that the "cheater" assembly is incorporated solely as a convenience, letting you to set non-standard angles and correct any failures of the dopping medium. The unit will accept either a 6" or an 8" lap.

Some of the features on the Facetron are; a digital read out system, electronic speed control, Acculine index system, Acculine compounder, Acculine dop chuck, and an exclusive sensor for guarantee precision of perfect symmetry.

The Facetron comes with: Acculine transfer stand, water tank, 45 degree table dop, splash guard, safety lap nut, target dop, dop wrench, 15 assorted dops, solid Oak base, head, mast, complete base, 1/3 hp motor, control, owner's manual, and your choice of either the 17.22 inches #3M-437 Gates Polyflex belt or the 17.22 inch #5M-437 Gates Polyflex belt.


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